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Boo Gram fun Halloween gram for kids and friends                                                          Boo Gram

Won't You 'Boo' My Neighbor? ("Boo Grams")
It's Halloween, and a local tradition around these parts is the annual "Boo" grams
that make their way around the various neighborhoods.

A Boo-Gram is a mysterious note, left on neighbor's doors in the middle of the day.
The note is usually a poem of sorts, and a large "Boo!" decoration for their front door. The decoration serves as a means of communicating to other neighbors that this house has already been "hit". By Halloween, it is not uncommon to see Boo-Grams lining up and down the street on all the doors in some neighborhoods!

What's a Boo-Gram, you say?
This SWEET SURPRISE is called a “BOO”
And although you don’t know WHO sent it to YOU,
It comes full of many “Thank You's”
For all the times you have helped us and watched over us
in that neighborly way YOU DO!
Enjoy the treats and please continue to spread the “BOO”!

Boo gram treats Boo gram fun Halloween gram for kids and friendsPackaging May Vary due to Availability.
Accompanying the Boo-Gram is a collection of goodies,
(Boo-Grams may vary house to house)
The goodies may vary from small Halloween treats, to kid's toys. The magic of these Boo-Grams is the reciprocation of this gift, as it is expected that when you are "Boo'd", you must "Boo" 2 other neighbors as well (after all, if you don't like your "Boo" gift, you can always re-gift to another neighbor!).

Many neighborhoods start in early October, however the common time to start seeing "Boo-Grams" is a couple of weeks before Halloween. However don't wait for someone to "Boo" you - start the tradition in your neighborhood... you'll be surprised how quickly the excitement spreads around the neighborhood!

We begin delivery
Friday October 12 until October 31st  "HALLOWEEN"
Pick a early date below, after all you want the Boo-Gram to go around!

It's for the Entire Family - Please list their names (First & Last) Up to 6 names
It's for a child.... Childs Name (First & Last)
Child's Address
Girl or Boy
Customize BOO - GRAM to Child's Age
YOUR Name and Phone Number
Who would you like the card to read from: or would you like it to be from your favorite nighbor?
Date of Delivery (Pick One)
birthday yard signsPLEASE
Ordering 2+ Boo Gram (Same Neighborhood)
Ordering 2 or more
and Early Order
with Discount
Price: $19.00
Ordering 1 Boo Gram
Ordering 1 Boo Gram
Price: $22.00
Just for fun!
Send your little one a FUN Boo Gram!

Limited to 10 deliveries pr day (M-F) before Halloween!!
Reserve your Boo GRAM Today!

Reserve it early and save!  (savings expire September 2018)
Sorry - No deliveries to Kissimmee, Oviedo, Sanford or East Orlando at this time.

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